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Mighty 150th Maintenance Group tackles a large project

  • Published
  • By 1st Lt. Jered Trujillo, 150th Special Operations Wing Public Affairs
  • 150th Special Operations Wing

During the November weekend for traditional New Mexico Air National Guardsmen to train, the 150th Maintenance Group conducted a special point comprehensive inspection on a HC/MC-130J.

The maintainers disassembled the aircraft into sections, conducted thorough inspections of each,  and then reassembled the aircraft.

“We make sure everything is working properly and nothing can break,” said Senior Airman Andrew Meijer, a 150th Maintenance Squadron Crew Chief. “We look at the little things that no one else notices or sees.”

Senior Master Sgt. Danial Storkson, the 150th Maintenance Squadron’s Equipment Maintenance Superintendent, said, “Their job is extremely crucial because they break down the aircraft, and often times they will find critical items that can down an aircraft, such as the torque tubes in the tail and multiple small parts that could become loose.”

Isochronal inspections, or calendar inspections, are done to ensure the aircraft in its entirety is examined and properly maintained. The entire maintenance group is involved in handling all engineering, fabrication, electrical, and other subsystems to correct any piece of the aircraft that could prevent the mission from being safely conducted.