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150SFS VR Innovation

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Catanach
  • 150 SOW

150th Security Forces Squadron partnered with Street Smarts VR to bring in VR headsets and equipment for training. This partnership was made possible by using Squadron Innovation funds as more squadrons look for innovative ways to improve training efficiency while reducing overall cost.

James Wendle from Street Smarts VR came to train the 150SFS on how to use the equipment, create virtual training environments and administer live feedback sessions using the VR equipment.

“This allows you to immerse trainees in different environments that they could potentially be in very rapidly,” said Wendle. “It speeds up the training and allows us to record training and give feedback in real time, so there's a lot of benefits to that from the training perspective versus the traditional ways of doing it.”

150SFS is the 15th squadron in the Air National Guard to adopt this technology and one of over 80 squadrons throughout the Air Force. This technology will help defenders in areas including deescalation, active shooter response, routine traffic stops and more.